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Billy’s is a birthday treat

Children tuck into dishes from Billy's Kids Menu

It says a lot when two young brothers insist on coming here to Billy’s on the Road for their birthday treat rather than anywhere else. Three years apart, but born on the same day, Oliver, 10 and his brother William, aged seven, celebrated their joint birthday this March by enjoying breakfast at their favourite spot – a place at our train track table.

“This is pretty much our regular place and the breakfasts are really good and we love watching the trains go round,” says Oliver who attends Fittleworth Village School with his brother. “I like the waffles, but the fried breakfast is incredible.”

Photo shoot

We caught up with the boys during a recent photo shoot at the café and this time they had brought along their family friend, Niamh – for the fourth time in a row!

While the children tucked into Wiffle Waffles (for Oliver and Niamh) and the usual order for Oliver – a plate of chipolatas and fried potatoes made specially for him – mum Kirstie told us how they came to be such fans.

Birthday treat

“We had been to the 24-hour Lawnmower Race nearby in Billingshurst and came back the next morning to see the finish and asked people where we could go for a nice breakfast and were told to come here. We loved it. That was four years ago and we now come here at least once a month.”

“When I asked the boys where they wanted to go this year for their birthdays they said no to McDonald’s and wanted to come to Billy’s instead.“ Not an easy feat for mum who brought them to Billy’s for breakfast from their home near Amberley then back in time for school at Fittleworth – a 30 mile-plus round trip.

As well as school holiday and birthday treats, the family are frequent visitors after a bike ride along the Downs Link in nearby Slinfold.

Lovely staff

“What I really like about coming here with the children is the staff are so lovely,” added Kirstie. “If there is something the kids would like, they will just make it, even if it’s not on the menu – they are so accommodating.”

And what we really like about this family is how helpful the children are – when it’s busy they have been known to bring their empty plates up to the counter, and were more than happy to be our models for our photo shoot. Definitely `model’ children.

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